Instytut Tutoringu Szkolnego ( School Tutoring Institute) is a private R & D and training institution.

The aim of the Institute is research, monitoring, development and dissemination of the method of individualized learning and education referred to as 'school tutoring'.

The Institute promotes and disseminates educational practice designed by Janusz Korczak and Janusz Tarnowski. Their ideas are the basis for school tutors’ work and self development.

The Institute is an establishment subordinated to Towarzystwo Edukacji Otwartej (Open Education Society), which continues current research and supports development in education tutoring (implemented in 2008 by the Open Education Society)

Substantive Director of the Institute is the author of numerous tutoring programs, in particular in the field of educational tutoring and development, implemented in the form of innovation across the country.

The Institute has offices in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Czestochowa and operates throughout the country and abroad.